Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hobbit Food

 Barrel Water.

Bomber's Bashed Potatoes With Roasted Garlic.
Thirteen Crackers For Thirteen Dwarves.
Shire Pudding.
Rosie's Shire Pie.
Merry's Mulled Cider.


The Hobbit Dinner

The Riddles...
 I have just finished reading The Hobbit, and I enjoyed it so much that I searched middle earth food and I came up with two great sites. -and- So I got together a big dinner menu and made it. It was delicious!
If you would like to see the food close up, go to the Hobbit Food post. I took five riddles from The Hobbit and put them around the table at each person's plate. I also made a menu, as you can see from the picture. It was very nice, if I may say so myself.

The Menu with a Hobbitish lantern.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow In November

 There is snow already!!! It is just snow, snow, snow all over! It is very cold too, I did not expect snow in November! So beautiful at nighttime, I hope that we will have a White Christmas!
 Me speaking: Snow is very fun! Here is a picture of my friend peeking out from the tree. It was truly lovely out there!The camera is very odd, because you can see the snow flakes! I like to go out into the cold weather and play in the snow, and then come in to a cup of hot coco(again)!

My friend Ellen speaking: I love snow and it makes me feel very dreamy and adventurous!!! Snow also makes everything feel very quiet. We took these pictures today!!!! Very fun!!!! Snow is so Christmasy and holiday like!!!!!!
I can not tell the difference between the stars and the snow. The light is very odd. I think it is just the camera. It looks very wintery, and just looking at it makes me feel cold. So put on a jacket!
Here is a picture in the regular camera way, but it does look old fashioned, which I like! The cars are covered in snow!!! Today,(the day after) there is very little snow, and mostly slush. Ugg! It was so lovely to eat dinner and then go outside for a snowball fight. It finally ended with a cold wet snowball landing on someone's face, ( of course I was the unlucky snow face, and my brother was the cause of the upset.)

Here is a picture of the snow covered tree. There is a lot of snow as you can see. I love this picture!


                       We had some very cute little birds that are either Goldfinches or Kinglets at our bird feeder today. They seemed very happy! We put out a lot of bird seed, and we have not for a long time, so they were more than pleased I'm sure! They keep flying away and then coming back again. I am sitting right next to the window right now, and they are there eating away. I am trying not to move, so they will not fly away. There have been other kinds too, such as regular finches, and tufted tip mouses. I hope we will have Chickadees, they are my favorite kind of bird. I also like Kinglets and Goldfinches. As I look out of my window two Goldfinches perch on the bird feeder, one is sitting very prim and properly with her wings nicely tucked on her, and the other is sticking his head in and leaving it there and then popping out of it again. His feathers are all sticking up and very untidy. It is partly sunny today, and I am glad because I am so tired of sunny less days. I am sure the birds are glad too.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Doll House Renovation

 Painting it:

*We are painting the kitchen now, we will also use wall paper for other rooms. This is the first coat of paint, but there will be more coats in the future! Tiles are very stylish on kitchen and bathroom floors in doll land, so we might use some. I wish we could do it all in one day, but that is impossible!

*My mother and I

 Polishing the furniture:

I had to polish the furniture because it was so dusty!
That took a lot of time because I have a lot of furniture!  For wooden furniture I just used spray-nice smelling spray is best-and a rag. For blankets, couches, chairs, and cloth items I used packing tape and an old tooth brush. It is quite nice polishing furniture if you have a cup of hot chocolate and a book on tape to listen to.

What we hope it will look like when we are done:

 The house we are working on is not very...well, it is not very dignified like the mansion down stairs, it is called *"The Rackety Packety House." So these are some pictures from a doll house book which we get some of our ideas. After we have renovated it till it can be renovated no more, the name of it will not suit it. But I must keep the name because once you name a thing there is no other name for it.....
*The Rackety Packety House by Francis Hodgson Burnett

 A visit to the arts and crafts store:

When you paint a doll house kitchen white, you sometimes run out of paint. That is why we had to make time to walk over to the arts and crafts store out of our very busy day. We got a little bear and a little dog to paint too.


The Rackety Packety House:

The Rackety Packety house is very old but it has not lost its charm. As you can see, some small doll accessories are on the third floor. My doll site will have a page about my doll houses so check there if you want to read about it. I also have another doll house for the fancy rich dolls, it is also going to be there...


Monday, November 5, 2012

My Doll Site!

                    I have a doll site all about dolls! Here is the link:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fairyland Close Up

        Fairyland Close Up!

 Neverland to the left: Hidden stream of fairies, The Wild Hills, The Forest Of Secrets, Home Under The Ground, Wendy's Hut, Indian Ville, The Lighthouse, Haunted Forest, Landing Bay, Fairies Mirror, Pixie Place, Village of Brownies, Town of Elves, Fairy Information Cottage, Dryads Bubble, Naiads Path Of Trees, Mountain Of Little Creatures, and The Little People Town.                            

 To The Left:

The Star Fairy!

 So Pretty! She flies around at night, lighting up the sky!

To The Right:

Wing Island to the right: Goblin's Creek,
 Goblin's Bridge, Elves Inn, and The Garden.
Note: It is shaped sort of like a fairy wing. Wing Island.

 To The Left:

Maroon Island: A mountain, trees, and Mermaids Lagoon.

To The Right:

The Land Of Fairytales:  Sleeping Beauty's Castle with thorns,
The Seven Dwarves' Cottage, Rapunzel's Tower,
 and Beauty and The Beast's Castle.
In between:  The Green Isle, and the bridge of fairies.
The Garden Of Delight: Flowers, Trees, Log House, Fountains, boats, and more.

 To The Left: 

The Island With No Name: The Dragon's Lair, Goblin's Bluff, Path Of Ogres, The Witches Castle, The Wood Of Trolls, and two disguised guards at the landing point.

 To The Right: 

The Land Past Stars: Flower Fairies Village, Bird Fairies Village. Outer Garden: The Hills Of Delight, Glimmer Glass, The Winding Way, The Tree Circle, and The Secret Landing. Note: See the Bird and flower flying down below the island? It says Flower Fairy Town and Bird Fairy Town.

To The Left:

The Hermit Of The Southern Marsh!!!
Note: This is my favorite, it is from Narnia ( The Hermit Of The Southern March) see him with his goats? (His cousins. If you read Narnia you will know what I am talking about.)


                                    Look Back At The Pictures.... 

                                  Can you see the south, east, and west sun? Can you see The Dim North Sun?

                                     Can you see The Sun? Can you see The Full Moon? Look now and see...