Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Banana Grams Puzzle

Trip To Storm King

I Went to Storm King!

It was awesome! So beautiful... At last I have been able to do a post of it! I have neglected my blog shamefully. But with Summer over and Winter coming, what can you expect. At least I have many ideas for posts, so I shall bombard you with them. 


Really interesting orange statue. I wish I could climb in there! It would be fun. And it was on a hill, so I would have a great view!


The view from the orange statue... I could have stayed there for hours looking down, but there where more pictures to be taken!


Pathway down to another great view.. 


My favorite picture! Beautiful pillars! And they frame the landscape so well.


There was a small elevator here that my friend and I had fun with. This was the top of it.  


It was windy that day! Windy, sunny, and cold. My favorite kind of day. Here is a picture of the wind blowing the grass, leaves, and trees.


A boat thing. We went on a trolley ride around Storm King after walking around it. I thought this was very interesting.


From the Trolley's view.


Look at those hills! Wish I could have gone on them, but this was taken from the trolley car.


The perfect autumn picture!  Pretty steep! 



Nothing is more beautiful than a Lake of Shining Waters! 


Cool picture! I like this one..


This picture is the most lovely picture I took! Such a blue sky.

                                                                                Just a small caterpillar. I hope to go to Storm King again. It is the most beautiful place I have ever been.          

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Minion Costume

This is my minion costume for Emma this Halloween. If you have watched "Despicable Me" movie you will know what minions are. It is going to be hard work getting the costume off Emma without ripping it! I would like to add a few strands of hair to the top of her head, but I do not know how I should do it, so I might give up. I like the face best! And the goggles. (felt goggles)

Medieval Drawings

Three medieval princess drawings I drew.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Flowers

I have had a very busy Summer and that is the reason I have not had any time to post anything...
Here are some of our backyard fall flowers to start the new blog year with:

               Growing tomatoes in the vegetable garden. I cannot take any credit with growing them though.

                                                 I picked the flowers to make hair decorations

                                                            I Love this bench

Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Student Showcase

                                           My Student Showcase:

                                                 Flowers I recieved

                                             Above is a video of a little bit of the pointe performance I did.
                                             I am the first across the floor. and the farthest away at the bows.

Flomoresatalia Close-up

     The Village and The Park:

This is where the Emmas live... The park is where they have parties and play. It is the most well known spot in Flomoresatalia. Visitors do not stay in the village while they are touring Flomoresatalia.

The Hotel:

This is where visitors stay. And the teachers. For the Emmas need to be taught how to read and write and speak English, because they only speak Flomoresatalian there.

The Hills, Forests and Boats:

The Forest of Raelf is the only forest on the island.
So of course it is mysterious... If you are ignorant of Emma terms I shall tell you what Raelf means.
Rae = The last name of all the Emmas
Elf = A small green magical creature
Rae + Elf = Little Emmas in green with magic
 The Hills of Fairae are the same except they have fairy Emmas living there.
The Lone Boat is the boat people use to get from the Hotel and Flomoresatalia island.

Church and School:

Here is where the Emmas go to church and to school. If you look closely, you will see the National Emma Rae Flag of Flomoresatalia!  Flomoresatalia island is a very colorful!

                                                                          Theater and Other School:

 Here is the Theater and the School of acting, dancing, singing! The Emmas love to do all of these things.


Here is Emma Flores Rae's   lighthouse.
Lots of people go there on tour.

Pleasant Cottage:

Here is one of my favorite places in Flomoresatalia!
The Pleasant Cottage! Just a place to get away from Traditional Emma life and relax.


Part of the Beach:

Here is the boardwalk and dock with a boat, also there is a beach shoppe. Sand dunes are all around the beach.

Other half of Beach:

Here is the beach. There are no sharks in the water thankfully! That is one of their fears....

Pleasant Cottage No. 2:

 Same as above!
Here is one of my favorite places in Flomoresatalia!
The Pleasant Cottage! Just a place to get away from Traditional Emma life and relax.

Trees and Ice Cream:

The Emmas are rather plump, and the Ice Cream Truck is probably the reason. Then there are the Trees of Historae
History + Rae


Here are the shoppes! Everything is very cheep!

The Mountains:

Nobody knows much about "The Mountains"
They are very mysterious

Last but not least!

My favorite part! THE SUN!
But this is no ordinary sun! This is a Hot Sun Balloon, run by a Emma Sun Child!