Monday, November 10, 2014

Pride and Prejudice Comparisons #1:

Having recently read Pride and Prejudice, I watched the two mini series of P&P-1995 and 1980-and two movie versions-1940 and 2005-so I will now voice my opinion in the matter of the best characters, scenery, music, and closeness to the book. So Here goes... 

                                                         Of Course we must begin with Lizzy!

                                                 Elizabeth Bennet:   

1995:  I really liked this Lizzy. She seemed very close to the book Lizzy and she did have fine eyes. But to me, she smiled a little too much, she was a little too pretty.          


1980:  This Elizabeth was very good too. But she wasn't quite there. I did not like how she slured the c in Mr Darcy, so she said Mr Darshy, it bugged me ;). 

  1940:  Not Elizabeth.. Too old. She looked older than Jane. and that whole archery thing! Ugh!
2005: O gosh! She was terrible. Elizabeth would never act like her portrayel of her. And I hated that snarling smile. Would Elizabeth ask Mr. Darcy "What are you doing here?" at Rosings in a very rude tone? noooo...

                                               Favorite Elizabeth: tie between 1995 and 1980

                                                        Mr Darcy:

1995: He was a good Mr. Darcy. How he said the lines and so on. Just did not look like Mr Darcy. I will say one thing for him, though, he did have a creepy stare.

1980: Ah ha! He was Mr. Darcy!!! Tall, thin, proud, creepy stare, the works! Yes, people do say he is rather expressionless, its true, he is rather. But still, Mr. Darcy is not that expressive in his emotions..

2005: noooo! He was anyone but Mr Darcy. He was shy, not proud. 

1940: Uh, I don't know what was with this guy. He was friendly, and not proud. Sheesh.. 

                                                          Favorite Mr Darcy: 1980 totally!

Mr Bingley:

1995: I thought he was a good Mr Bingley as far as character goes... He did look rather silly and foolish though

2005: I liked this one too! Mr Bingley is after all, a very likable guy. But his laugh was ridiculous! Not dignified at all...

watch this video... at about 1:20 Mr Bingley does his weird, foolish laugh

1940: He was fun, but you didn't see much of him. I liked when he peeked over the screen!


1980: meh, he didn't look like Mr Bingley.

Favorite Mr Bingley: Tie between 1995 and 2005

                                                      Jane Bennett:

1980: I thought she got Jane's personality really well. I always thought of Jane with fair hair though...

2005: I really liked this Jane. She had fair hair, and she was very sweet

1995: Oh, noooo. Not Jane! She wasn't very..... pretty.... Elizabeth was prettier! but Jane was supposed to be the beauty of the family.

1940: A flirtatious, dark headed, Jane Bennet? No WAY! She was not Jane! 


                                  Favorite Jane Bennett: 1980 and 2005

                                                             Kitty Bennett:

1995: meet Kitty Bennet

2005: She was good!

1940: ok, I guess. You hardly saw any of her
1980: to old? not pretty enough? I dunno

                                             Favorite Kitty Bennett: 1995 and 2007

                                                    Lydia Bennett:

2005: Really good! Right age too!
1995: I really liked this Lydia. A bit old though. The snort laugh was funny :)

1980: nahhhh
1940: Again, you didn't see much of her..... couldn't tell

                              Favorite Lydia Bennett: 2005 followed closely by 1995

1980: THIS is Mary Bennett!!!
1940: Not the mary bennett. but she was very funny and silly and endearing..
1995:  Nope!
2005: To pretty.....

                                             Favorite Mary Bennett: 1980

                                                         Mr Bennett: 

1995: perfect!!! 

1980: to gruff... I didn't really see the close relationship with Elizabeth

1940:  He was good, but you didn't see much of him. He was funny!

2005: uggg, ugly, rough, and not nice and fatherly to Elizabeth-I'm sorry! Keira Knightley!

                                                 Favorite Mr Bennett: 1995

Girls In White Dresses With RED Satin Sashes---My Confirmation

And here are some pictures from my Confirmation this October. Twas lovely! 
to see more photos:


After Mass:

1st Holy Communion

            2009   -   2013


The boys being boys


We had a lovely picnic 

The beautiful OWG mansion

They filmed North by Northwest here!

Ellen enjoying the picnic

this picture is out of a Jane Austen novel


We had a lovely time

The boys played soccer


everything was so colorful

So then we went on a walk

The little cottage....

....with a thatched roof


I want to live there

a dolly tea

afternoon sunlight

the road to the ghost walk

Farewell cottage!

log cabins

the ghost walk 

I hid in this one

My throne

Buuuuttt, we didn't go through the ghost walk after all

Me on the bench

so glad I stayed in my confirmation dress

Ellen's dress was glowin' like crazy!

A fairy

My nails

Alice in Wonderland/Jane Austen/Chronicles of Narnia?

 mud at my feet

Through the gate

Ellen peepin'

knock knock

who's there?

Ellen is!


down the runway


down the runway again

lookin' back 

walking ahead

I saw a fairy!

Look at her dress glow!

roses supposes*


The lake of shining waters **

I have to go back soon!

The Temple of Love (that random photographers kept hogging! meh)

It certainly is fall

Thank you sun, for shining in the most obliging places!

ditto here

and here

here too

pond, Amelia pond***

Is it just me, or does this look like pea soup?

From the bridge

the bridge

les orteils

les doigts 

looking out

me on the bridge

up and over

we had such fun

playing with close ups

playing with focus


Ellen's up next

There she is

dainty hands


dreaming some more


I don't know where this is, but its pretty

the forbidden pool

LOVE this picture

can I live here?

green green green


people stare, we don't care



dreaminggg (I need to start includingggg the ggg's to ing words ;)




ze sunglasses

bright sun!

A greek goddess

ballet moves ( a must)

peek-a-boo-  or more romantic -a fairy peeps out 

The Lady In White 

my turn for the greek goddess

and the ballet pic

peek a boo

sad stare

Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga returns

The one and only climbing tree

my cake!

the cakes

funny face



dancin' feet

                                              Couldn't see our faces? Here they are:

the pattern on my dress