Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Trip To Montauk

This year I took a trip to Montauk along with some of my close friends. It was absolutely gorgeous and I took many many pictures. My blog is primarily pictures anyway. Everywhere I looked there were things to be taken pictures of. Here are just a few:

Our first stop was the lighthouse...

We went to the gift shop where everything was sooooo pricey! 

'Twas beautiful

The weather was perfect..

There we are! I am on the far left

I could have just sat down right here and stayed there for the whole day

It was a very tall lighthouse

This looked exactly like the beach in Anne of Green Gables. I think they might have filmed there. They didn't film on PEI anyway.

Creepy mannequin in the museum... 

And up to the light we went.....

I would like to crawl in there and write a story

I love panorama mode!!!! breathtaking!

The beach

My turn in the light. It was one at a time. I liked it.

The rocks below

The light. Not as exciting as i thought it would be ;)

I really like shoe pictures =)

I thought this was cool

Look how much bigger it is than the tiny horse and carriage 

 a very long boat

....and occasional GREAT WHITE SHARKS!!!! ahhhh

to the beach!

It was freezing!

My fav shot! This camera takes pictures extremely quickly


The rocks. Someday I will go back to these rocks and just sit for hours on end.

I love rocks

To the dunes. You can extremely hot and tired walking in the dunes

Beach #2 : the orange and red beach. Weird!

gross too...

The dunes were called "The Phantom Forest" I loved that! 

Farewell Red Beach!

cute! they ate out of our hands

And the best and last beach

ballet pictures

dance pictures

we swam in it! it was awesome! But i was scared of sharks ;)

That's All Folks!