Tuesday, October 18, 2016

- these are a few of my favorite things -

My typewriter
My headphones
Australian Accents
Red Roses
                   Dimples                                         Rain
               Crunch of Leaves                                     Fog                   
                  The Doctor
                     Le Pen
                    The Shire
                British Accents                                      Film
               My leather jacket
                My jean jacket
                   Sweaters                                     Audrey Hepburn
                  Musicals                                      The Joker                                      James Dean
            Jack Sparrow-Johnny Depp
                   The Gym
             The Magnificent Seven                                Pirates
           Agatha Christie mysteries
                  Old houses 
               Jane Austen novels                                 Nutella                
               The Roaring 20s  
                 St Therese
              Old Railroad Tracks
                   Pumpkins                                        Converse
                 New York City                                   Bubble Gum
          The Metropolitan Opera House
                    Fruit                                         Maine                                          Blue             
              My Awesome Mix Album                                 Fire 
              Woody Allen movies                                  My BFF

                  ~My faith~

Monday, March 28, 2016

My Holy Week, Current Favorites, and 2016 Catch Up

                 Palm Sunday

On palm Sunday we dyed easter eggs with some friends. As you can see, some are traditional Ukrainian eggs, some are beautiful unique creations and some are crazy experiments that really didn't turn out that well. As you have probably already guessed, the latter were mostly mine. 

 Over the years we have always had a egg dying party and since we have been doing them for so long we have created quite a collection. We have about four boxes full of them plus four more cartons. Though we have dropped eggs and boxes and egg trees with the eggs on and in them and broken them, so we would have had many more eggs if they hadn't broken. As it is, I think we have quite enough. But if they break, it doesn't take us long to resupply our collection. ;)

 We didn't make as many eggs this year, but I have still attached a couple photos of some of our newest 'masterpieces'.

This one is mine. As you can see I have trouble making a straight line and my hands shake all over the place. If I'm this shaky at 14/15 imagine how shaky I will be at 70 or 80!

Another one. Rather messy, but really good for Lucy standards.

Another one of mine as I decided I needed some Lenten colors and I just love purple and black!

This is my paintball egg. I told you I like to experiment.

Now for the actual masterpieces:

My mom's amazingly perfect egg. I swear the artist jeans skipped my generation. 

Another of hers. She likes to show me them and pretend she messed up, but its obvious that she didn't. Look at the detail!!!

And then I made a few more:

The random brown thing going through the heart was supposed to be the crown of thorns...

I made this blue one with one side having the star and the other side having the cross on it. So the signs symbolize the birth and death of Christ.

This is my brick egg. I made it on the spur of the moment after seeing a bunch of bricks in Jesus of Nazareth.

This egg's colors were inspired by the Joker. :D notice the "scars"...

                Holy Monday

On Holy Monday we watched Ben Hur, like we do every Lent season. I get really stressed during the chariot scene and by the end I was literally in tears, I don't really know why. But this movie is really fantastic and if you have not watched it, you definitely should.

The one problem about Holy Monday? We watched all of Ben Hur in one day! It's three and a half hours. We usually stretch it into a couple days. I seriously can't sit still and watch a movie for that long. 

               Holy Thursday

On Holy Thursday we started with a mass at St. Mary's at 7:30 PM and then went around to six other churches making it seven in all. It was so much fun and so lovely to go to each church with friends. I really love that tradition.

                 Good Friday

On Good Friday we went to the veneration of the cross at the Carmelite monastery chapel near us. It was a lovely ceremony. The day was very ugly. There was an ugly sunlight and the weather gave off a gross feeling. It didn't rain either. :( Definitely not the right Good Friday weather. 

We also made Hot Cross Buns!!! They were delicious. 

Aaand we started Jesus of Nazareth, which we have watched every Lent for as long as I can remember. Now, if you haven't watched this movie go watch it right now! It is so amazingly good! 

                Holy Saturday

On Holy Saturday I went to St. Patrick's Cathedral and said the rosary after looking around. I also set up our easter decorations and my mom bought pussy willows for the eggs to go on. It was a very relaxing sort of day. 

This is the pattern to my easter dress. I love it!

                          We also finished Jesus of Nazareth. The ending was fantastic as ever!

                Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we went to mass of course and then went to a party at our friend's house. My best friend and I took a few pictures while we were there. Here are some of them.

She had a beautiful dress on.

Here is my dress. I love it!

Catch Up on LIFFFEEE:

                    -because the 2016 treadmill is rolling so fast and I can't keep pace with it-

                                                                       ~Current Favorites~

Jesus of Nazareth is my current favorite film out of my favorite films which include:

Murder on the Orient Express
The Princess Bride
Midnight in Paris
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Singing in the Rain
Emma (2009)
The Dark Knight

TV Show: 
Psych is my current favorite tv show out of my favorite tv show which include:

Downton Abbey
Robin Hood
Once Upon a Time
Doctor Who
Lark Rise to Candleford

Bienvenue Dan Ma Vie is my current favorite song out of my favorite songs which include:

Hold My Hand
Put Your Records On
Banana Pancakes
Be Ok
Chasing Time
Build me upButtercup
Can't Feel my Face
Dance With me Tonight
The Classic

Some movies that I have recently watched and loved or just liked are:

Midnight in Paris
The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants
Downton Abbey
Center Stage
Love's Labors Lost
It Happened One Night
Bride Wars
Manhattan Murder Mystery

What I have read recently and what I am reading:

The Book Thief
My Cousin Rachel
The Mysterious Benedict Society
Song at the Scaffold
The Lord of the Rings trilogy reread
The Importance of Being Earnest
The Book of Three reread
A Tale of Two Cities

Some random facts:

We are doing Loves Labors Lost. I am Katherine. 

I am currently renovating, clearing out and cleaning the backyard

I have officially learned how to do a body roll.

I am writing a book set in 1920s England

I am really into making playlists on Spotify

I scrapbook a lot!

The magnolia trees in the backyard are blooming.

That's all for now!

~Lucy Riess