Friday, January 13, 2017

A Study in Charlotte ~short review~

The first (but definitely not last) thing about A study in Charlotte that captured my interest was the plot. The thought of writing about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson's great great great grandchildren coming together to solve a mystery is absolute genius! The moment I read the synopsis on line I knew that I had to get the book. It has a great potential to be horrible and a disgrace to the Sherlock Holmes stories but it also has equally great potential to be amazing and it definitely was that and more. 

We will start with the story line. The thing I love most is that in this book everything from the stories is true, and Arthur Conan Doyle is merely Watson's literary agent. The children, grand children and all of the descendants of the famous detective and doctor all live, like many children of celebrities, in the constant eye of the press. And it is nothing but chance (or so we are made to think) that brings two English children, one the great great great grand daughter of Sherlock Holmes, Charlotte Holmes, and the other the great great great grandson of Dr. John Watson, James Watson, together when they meet at the boarding school that they are both sent to. The protagonist of the story is James and he tells us how the whole school waits in excitement for him, a Watson, to meet her, a Holmes. They don't take to each other very well but are forced together when they both become the prime suspects in the murder of one of their fellow schoolmates. 

Sherlock and Watson are such wonderful and memorable characters, and I was wondering how they would make there great great great grandchildren be. Charlotte Holmes has inherited Sherlock's quick wit, observant eye, and incredible detective skills. I think she was portrayed brilliantly, because she is so much like Sherlock, but the author gave her her own little quirks, strong points, and flaws that Sherlock didn't have. James Watson, I immediately loved. He is so down to earth and such a good match for Charlotte. It's amazing how a grown woman can write so well and make it sound like just the writings of a 16 year old teenage boy. I loved the characters so much! 

It is a very fast paced novel and such a fun read and I would highly recommend it to anyone high school age and up. I devoured it on a 12 hour car ride back to New York, I couldn't put it down. I can't wait until the sequel comes out on February 12th!

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